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    庭院l构。在中国古代儒学的媄响下Q世人多重视天圆地方的概念,q是׃们认识事物有限性决定的。方形四周被高墙围住Q不担心会有隐患Q而且q象征着一U不可突破的规范Q在q样的徽式庭院中Q培ȝ一代又一代有思想的商人?br /> Courtyard structure. Under the influence of ancient Chinese Confucianism, people pay more attention to the concept of round sky and place, which is determined by their understanding of the finiteness of things. The square is surrounded by high walls. I don't worry about hidden dangers. Moreover, it symbolizes an unbreakable norm. In such an emblem courtyard, generations of thoughtful businessmen are cultivated.
    马头墙。在徽派建筑里,随处都能见到马头墙,马头墙又UCؓ风火墙,从外型上看,非常像马_所以世人多U其为马头墙。马头墙多分Z道,中间用墙面隔开Q呈左右对称Q其上面覆盖的青瓦,呈一条弧U向上g伸,马头墙不光能起到装饰作用Q而且也能阻隔隔壁火源q入?br />

    Ma Tau wallwatts. Horse head wall can be seen everywhere in Hui style buildings. Horse head wall is also called wind and fire wall. From the appearance, it is very similar to horse head, so people call it horse head wall. The horse head wall is mostly divided into three, separated by the wall in the middle, which is symmetrical left and right. The green tiles covered on it extend upward in an arc. The horse head wall can not only play a decorative role, but also block the entry of the fire source next door.

    雕刻工艺?a target="_blank" href="http://www.mdssd.com/news/420.html">徽州建筑的各个角落多融入雕刻技艺,无论在哪U材质上Q材质的面积为多大,徽州工h都能在表面雕d_又细ȝ图案。庭院中多花草,图案与花草相互点~Q徏{与自然完全融ؓ一体?br /> Carving process. Carving skills are integrated into every corner of Huizhou buildings. No matter what kind of material and how large the material area is, Huizhou workers can carve exquisite and delicate patterns on the surface. There are many flowers and plants in the courtyard. The patterns and flowers are interspersed with each other, and the architecture is completely integrated with nature.
    镂空H户。四周高墙已l带lh规范之感Q所以徽州h多在家庭内部需求突_比如镂空H户。窗户上雕刻的图案不一Q有喜鹊、花늭Q图案不相同,但是q些图案都象征着好的寓意,同时Q镂I窗户也有利于整个居室的I气通?br /> Hollowed out windows. The surrounding high walls have brought people a sense of standardization, so Huizhou people often break through their internal needs, such as hollow windows. The patterns carved on the windows are different, including magpies, flowers, etc., but these patterns all symbolize a beautiful meaning. At the same time, hollowed out windows are also conducive to the air circulation of the whole room.
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