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    徽派是中式的一个分支,。徽z是江南比较有名的。外观上江南水乡的翘房檐{,黑白分明的感觉!中式是传l的设计Q体现在北京的皇宫里Q皇宫的比较奢华的感觉,有门廊有U窗子绿柱子Q雕栏玉砌!有庭院,有楼台等Q古诗都能很好的用在中式风格里,U楼梦里的园林别墅是中式的很好的写照Q?br />

    Hui school is a branch of Chinese style,. Hui school is quite famous in Jiangnan. In appearance, the upturned eaves of Jiangnan Water Town are black and white! Chinese style is a traditional design, which is reflected in the Imperial Palace in Beijing. The Imperial Palace has a luxurious feeling, with porch, red windows, green columns and carved fences! There are courtyards and terraces. Ancient poetry can be well used in Chinese style. The garden villa in the dream of Red Mansions is a good portrayal of Chinese style!

    徽派建筑又称徽州建筑Q是中国传统建筑很重要的派之一Q徽z־{作为徽文化的重要组成部分,历来Z外徏{师所推崇Qƈ非特指安徽徏{。流行于徽州Q今黄山市、W溪县、婺源县Q及严州、金华、州等西地区?br /> Huizhou architecture, also known as Huizhou architecture, is one of the most important schools of Chinese traditional architecture. As an important part of Huizhou culture, Huizhou architecture has always been respected by Chinese and foreign architects, not specifically Anhui architecture. It is popular in Huizhou (now Huangshan City, Jixi County and Wuyuan County) and Western Zhejiang such as Yanzhou, Jinhua and Quzhou.
    以砖、木、石为原料,以木构架Z。梁架多用料大Q且注重装饰。还q泛采用砖、木、石?/a>Q表现出高超的装饰艺术水q뀂历史上徽商在扬州、苏州等地经营,徽派建筑对当地徏{风g产生了相当大的媄响。徽z־{坐北朝南,注重内采光;以砖、木、石为原料,以木构架Z。以木梁扉KQ以砖、石、土砌护墙;以堂屋ؓ心,以雕梁画栋和装饰屋顶、檐口见ѝ?br /> Brick, wood and stone are used as raw materials, mainly wood frame. The beam frame is multi-purpose, with huge materials and pays attention to decoration. Brick, wood and stone carvings are also widely used, showing a superb level of decorative art. Historically, Huizhou merchants operated in Yangzhou, Suzhou and other places, and Huizhou architecture also had a considerable impact on the local architectural style. Hui style architecture faces south and pays attention to internal lighting; Brick, wood and stone are used as raw materials, mainly wood frame. Load bearing with wooden beams and retaining walls with bricks, stones and soil; With the main house as the center, he is good at carving beams and painting buildings and decorating roofs and cornices.
    徽商力在l商而不在徏{,锦q乡之后Q以奢华_致的园林体现n份,或整修祠堂光大祖宗门面,或亦以牌坊筑立褒奖徽州女人守夫的风骨。徽z־{讲I规格礼敎ͼ官商亦有别。除脱富丽堂皇的徽商巨贾之家外,人家的民居亦不乏雅致与讲I。徽z־{集徽州山川风景之灵气,融中国风俗文化之_֍Q风格独特,l构严}Q雕镂精湛,不论是村镇规划构思,q是q面及空间处理、徏{雕刻艺术的l合q用都充分体C鲜明的地方特艌Ӏ尤以民居、祠堂和牌坊是典型,被誉为徽州古Zl,Z外徏{界所重视和叹服?br /> Huizhou merchants focus on business rather than architecture. After returning home, they reflect their identity with luxurious and exquisite gardens, or renovate the facade of Guangda ancestors in ancestral halls, or build memorial archways to praise the style of Huizhou women's husbands. Hui Style Architecture pays attention to specifications and etiquette, and officials and businessmen are also different. In addition to taking off the magnificent home of Huizhou merchants, people's houses are also elegant and exquisite. Huizhou architecture, which combines the spirit of Huizhou's mountains and rivers, integrates the essence of China's customs and culture, has unique style, rigorous structure and exquisite carving. It embodies the distinctive local characteristics both in the planning of villages and towns, in the comprehensive application of plane and space processing and architectural sculpture. In particular, folk houses, ancestral halls and memorial archways are typical. They are known as the three wonders of Huizhou ancient buildings, which are valued and admired by the architectural circles at home and abroad.
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